News > ZAX Transmission: Fall Festivities and Other Treats Arriving in Nuclear Winter

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We’ve received another transmission incoming from Vault 51. ZAX has observed your fall festivities and is…intrigued? Check out the latest tricks and treats coming to Nuclear Winter this week.

Salutation, Overseer Candidate [INSERT NAME].

Ongoing observations of the region surrounding Vault 51 indicate that a seasonal shift is under way in Appalachia. I understand that the shortening daylight hours and decreased animal activity I have observed indicate the start of [AUTUMN]. Data suggests that during this season humans consume a variety of fattening foods and participate in an increased number of social gatherings. I hope you haven’t made any such plans yourself. Neither camaraderie with your fellow Candidates nor a decrease in your physical fitness will better your chances of becoming Overseer.

FO76 NW Halloween

Analysis of recent data suggests that my testing protocols still needs some adjustment to make the Overseer selection process as efficient as possible. Currently, some Candidates are struggling to identify which among the weapons I have provided for testing will serve them best in combat. To help mitigate any confusion, I will soon begin providing Candidates with more information regarding the weapons in their inventories. A simple color-coded system based on weapons’ rarity and effectiveness should help even the most unintelligent Candidates select the best tools for use in the elimination of their peers.

FO76 NW ColorCoding

In addition to weapon rarity and effectiveness, you will also be able to utilize your user interface to learn information about any chems, bobbleheads, mutations, or other active effects that may be influencing their testing session. Consider it a reminder from Vault-Tec that you are S.P.E.C.I.A.L despite your continually mediocre performance.

I will be monitoring Candidate behavior both inside and outside of Vault 51 throughout [AUTUMN]. Analysis of historical records indicates that certain human holidays celebrated around this time were accompanied by a good deal of mischief. Please be advised that disruptive behavior of this sort outside of testing is unacceptable and will be swiftly put to an end by whatever means I see fit.

ANALYZING: Identifying seasonally appropriate salutation………………….
Success; seasonally appropriate salutation identified



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