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In this edition of Inside the Vault, we’re sharing a look at an upcoming change for Public Events in Patch 14, giving you a status update on the Survival Mode Beta, and taking a look at the community’s progress toward Project Clean Appalachia rewards.

Coming Soon: Increased Public Event Frequency

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Since Public Event improvements came to the game in Patch 13, we’ve been reading your thoughts about the new cooldown that many of them share from the start of one event to the beginning of the next. This shared timer was added to help increase your chances of success by focusing players on the currently active event, and to aid with server performance. While we can’t eliminate this cooldown entirely, we agree that our initial implementation was too conservative, and that it can make the wait between Public Events feel too long—especially if the previous event ended early due to failure. With Patch 14, we are going to significantly reduce the cooldown so that you can join Public Events more often. Events vary in terms of length and difficulty, and so we can’t predict exactly how long the timer will be in all cases, but you should notice Public Events popping up at least twice as quickly after Patch 14.

We are also planning more extensive improvements for Public Events with our second phase of changes coming further down the road. Aside from the changes to rewards and loot that we had mentioned previously, we’re also looking to include some additional adjustments for this cooldown in phase two and we’ll have more details to share as we approach those updates.

An Update on Survival Mode

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Fallout 76 is built to constantly evolve—which is something we love as developers and players. This philosophy also applies to the Survival Mode Beta, which we knew was directed toward those of you who prefer more of a challenging way to experience Appalachia. Since it launched several months ago, we’ve received wonderful feedback that helped make the mode even stronger. Now, with Nuclear Winter offering its own unique competitive flavor and our biggest update yet on the horizon, we have decided to disable the Survival Mode Beta on October 1.

We’re currently placing our focus on Wastelanders, but after it launches, we will revisit your feedback and make additional changes to the game to improve PVP in the core Fallout 76 experience in fun new ways.

What does that mean for Adventure Mode or Nuclear Winter? Everything you know and love about these modes will not be affected by this adjustment. We appreciate all the thoughts you send our way and look forward to your continued support and feedback.

Onward to Meat Week!

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Those Scorchbeasts didn’t even stand a chance! Since Project Clean Appalachia went live, you have killed well over 400,000 Scorchbeasts! You blew past the unlock for Meat Week(end), obliterated the goal to receive a Scorchbeast icon for your profile, and destroyed the goal to get that ultra-chic curly bun hairstyle. Only one goal remains....

You’re well on your way to 500k to unlock the full Meat Week experience. Grahm is waiting for you! You can do it!

Now that you’ve unlocked three of the four rewards, you can plan on your Meat Week(end) starting on September 26 and lasting until September 30. Upon hitting the 500,000 dead Scorchbeast mark, Meat Week will be extended to October 3.

You will also find the other two unlocks, the Scorchbeast Player Icon and Curly Bun Hairstyle in the Atomic Shop starting on September 24, and available until October 21.

Happy Hunting!

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