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The Wasteland has been wild these past few weeks, with Scorchbeasts dropping from the sky and another of Grahm’s famous week-long cookouts, but we’re not slowing down yet! Project Clean Appalachia is entering its second half with a limited-time Purveyor Mystery Pick event this weekend, as well as new community challenges and rewards. We’re also asking for your feedback on Project Clean Appalachia so far.

The Purveyor Has a New Deal for You…

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> Update – 3:30 p.m. EDT October 3:
> After investigating reports from the community, we’ve found that melee weapons purchased using the Purveyor’s Mystery Pick option are only awarding certain legendary effects for legendary melee weapons. The Purveyor’s normal legendary melee options are not affected by this issue. Rather than keep the Mystery Pick option available in this state, we’ve decided to replace it with a new 25% off Sale Event instead so that you can still catch some great deals this weekend.
> - The Purveyor Sale Event will begin at 4:00 p.m. EDT today, October 3 and it will last until 12:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, October 7.
> We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for those of you who have already spent Scrip on the Mystery Pick, and we will be sure to kick off a new Mystery Pick Event once the limb damage issue is corrected.

The Meat Week festivities are coming to an end today, but you can keep the party going by taking all the Scrips you’ve collected over to Purveyor Murmrgh’s shop for a new Mystery Pick Event.

For the next few days, you can take a chance on the Purveyor’s new Mystery Pick option to purchase a completely random 3-star legendary item for just 60 Scrip. Armor, ranged weapons, melee weapons, anything’s possible when you put your fate into the Purveyor’s hands. Who knows? You may wind up getting the deal of a lifetime.

Here are the Mystery Pick Event details:

  • Event Start: 12:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, October 3
  • Event End: 12:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, October 7
  • Where: The Purveyor’s shop at Berkeley Springs Station

It’s Time to Take Out the Trash

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You helped clear the skies of winged threats during the first half of Project Clean Appalachia, but there’s more tidying up to do to get the Wasteland shipshape. The “Take Out the Trash” challenge began on Tuesday, and this time the community will be taking aim at an even larger infestation: The Scorched.

Until October 14, dutiful Dwellers like you can take it upon themselves to help wipe the Scorched off the map. If the community takes down eight million Scorched before that date, the Purveyor will kick off a new limited-time sale event, offering 25% off legendary weapons and armor from October 17 – 21.

Like last time, there are several stretch goals the community can complete unlock exclusive cosmetic items, like the Vault-Tec Flamer paint and the Honey Beast Player Icon. Better yet, if the final stretch goal is achieved, Purveyor Murmrgh has promised to increase her sale discount to a whopping 50% off!

With the exception of Scorchbeasts, any enemies with “Scorched” in their names count toward progress. You can keep an eye on how the challenge is going and catch a preview of the rewards by visiting the Project Clean Appalachia event page. Good luck!

Future Community Events

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Project Clean Appalachia is the first community-wide event that we’ve put on for Fallout 76 so far. We hope you’ve been having as much fun conquering the challenges and unlocking rewards together as we’ve had watching you blast through the stretch goals. While we’re only halfway through, we are excited to start planning more community events like this going forward. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Project Clean Appalachia and any ideas you may have for future challenges so that we can continue to level up the fun factor for community events.

Head to our Community Events Feedback thread in the Fallout 76 forums to answer a few questions and share some of your suggestions with us.

Our next big update, Patch 14, is coming to the Fallout 76 later this month. Stay tuned for more details on what’s in store with the patch, including a mischief-filled new Seasonal Event.

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