Fallout 76 Items for Challenges

These items should all count toward the Challenges that require their type. If you find any errors, you can reach me on Twitter @FalloutSearch.

If you Inspect items in the game, you'll find that some have two versions, one dirty and one clean. While the two versions have identical names, the game will stack them separately. With these items, either version should count for Challenges.

Food & Ingredients

All Bubblegum also counts as Candy.

Cola Perk Bubblegum
Grape Perk Bubblegum
Perk Bubblegum
Strawberry Perk Bubblegum
Watermelon Perk Bubblegum

Cotton Candy Bites
Gum Drops
Halloween Candy
Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly Taffy
Sugar Bombs

Cakes and Pies
Fancy Lads Snack Cakes
Firecap Tasty Souffle
Funnel Cake
Mirelurk Cake
Perfectly Preserved Pie
Pothole Potpie
Pumpkin Pie

Ash Rose
Black Bloodleaf
Carrot Flower
Fever Blossom
Gourd Blossom
Melon Bloom
Melon Blossom
Mutated Fern Flower
Rhododendron Flower
Soot Flower
Strangler Bloom
Tato Flower
Toxic Soot Flower

Brain Fungus
Cave Fungus
Glowing Fungus


All Board Games except for the Chessboard also count as Toys.
All Teddy Bears also count as Toys.

Board Games
Autopsy Board Game
Blast Radius Board Game
Catch the Commie Board Game
Rad Poker Board Game
Unstoppables! Board Game

Teddy Bears
Bubblegum Bear
Candy Fan Mr. Fuzzy
Checker Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Comrade Chubs
Dirty Old Teddy Bear
Emerald Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Gold Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Imported Chinese Panda
Jumbo Candy Fan Mr. Fuzzy
Jumbo Checker Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Jumbo Gold Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Jumbo Silver Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Lil' Ginger Snuggles
Mischievous Kobold
Mr. Fuzzy Bear
Orange Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Pristine Teddy Bear
Purple Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Quantum Bear
Red Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Ruby Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Silver Tie Mr. Fuzzy
Souvenir Teddy Bear
Spooky Time Mr. Fuzzy
Stuffed Grizzly
Stuffed Polar Bear
Teddy Bear
Teddy Fear

Baby Rattle
Baseball Base
Baseball Glove
Broken Doll
Collectible Baseball
Deflated Kickball
Doll Head
Doll Left Arm
Doll Right Arm
Giddyup Buttercup
Giddyup Buttercup Back Leg
Giddyup Buttercup Body
Giddyup Buttercup Front Leg
Giddyup Buttercup Head
Home Plate
Jangles the Moon Monkey
Large Baby Bottle
New Toy Car
New Toy Truck
Plastic Pumpkin
Small Baby Bottle
Souvenir Sloth Toy
Souvenir Toy Car
Toy Alien
Toy Car
Toy Rocketship
Toy Truck
Undamaged Baseball Glove
Unfilled Kickball
Wooden Block - B & Y
Wooden Block - I & D
Wooden Block - N & S
Wooden Block - V & F


While the "Bowler" counts for Challenges, the "Bowler Hat" DOES NOT.
While the "Patched Suit" counts for Challenges, the "Patched Three-Piece Suit" DOES NOT.

Formal Wear
American Patriot Suit
Black Vest and Slacks
Clean Black Suit
Clean Blue Suit
Clean Grey Suit
Clean Striped Suit
Clean Tan Suit
Denim Canadian Tuxedo
Denim Suit
Dirty Tan Suit
Enclave Officer Uniform
Flapper Dress
Military Intel Officer Uniform
Military Officer Uniform
Patched Suit
Patterned Fringed Dress
Red Dress
Sequin Dress
Silver Shroud Costume
Suspenders and Slacks
White and Black Tuxedo
White Tuxedo
Worn American Patriot Suit

Formal Hats
2076 American Glasses
American Patriot Hat
Battered Fedora
Clean Monocle
Crumpled Fedora
Dirty Enclave Officer Hat
Enclave Officer Hat
Faschnacht Napoleon Mask
Fashionable Glasses
Fez Hat
Formal Hat
Fruit Hat
Military Intel Officer Dress Hat
Military Intel Officer Hat
Military Officer Dress Hat
Pillbox Hat
Pompadour Wig
Sea Captain's Hat
Silver Fedora
Starlet Sniper Hat
The Inspector Hat
Tin Foil Hat
Worn American Patriot Hat

American Patriot Hat
American Patriot Suit
Civil War Era Dress
Civil War Era Suit
Civil War Era Top Hat
Clean Monocle
Clown Hat
Clown Outfit
Confederate Hat
Confederate Uniform
Cowhide Western Outfit
Daredevil Helmet
Daredevil Suit
Eye of Ra
Festive Elf Outfit
Fruit Hat
Garb of Mysteries
Grognak Costume
Halloween Costume Skeleton
Halloween Costume Skull
Halloween Costume Vampire
Halloween Costume Witch
Halloween Costume Witch Hat
Hip Glasses
Lobster Trap Helmet
Monster Mask
Mrs Claus' Dress
Nuka-Girl Rocketsuit
Patriotic Vault Boy Mask
Pirate Hat
Poodle Skirt Glasses
Pristine Mole Head
Pristine Mole Outfit
Silver Fedora
Silver Shroud Costume
Soiled Mr. Fuzzy Mascot Head
Soiled Mr. Fuzzy Mascot Suit
Spacesuit Helmet
Tattered Dress
Tattered Mole Head
Tattered Mole Outfit
Tin Foil Hat
Union Hat
Union Outfit
Union Uniform
Veil of Secrets

Assault Gas Mask
Blue Bandana
Camo Bandana
Doctor's Mask
Faschnacht Death Skull Mask
Faschnacht Devil Mask
Faschnacht Harlequin Mask
Faschnacht Man Mask
Faschnacht Merman Mask
Faschnacht Napoleon Mask
Faschnacht Owl Mask
Faschnacht Second Man Mask
Faschnacht Witch Mask
Forest Scout Armor Mask
Gas Mask
Gas Mask with Goggles
Green Bandana
Jangles Bandana
Leopard Print Bandana
Lobster Trap Helmet
Medical Smile Mask
Monster Mask
Patriotic Vault Boy Mask
Red Bandana
Skull Bandana
Stars and Stripes Bandana
Striped Bandana
Surgical Mask
Urban Scout Armor Mask
Worn Veil

Historical Wear
American Patriot Hat
Black Cowboy Hat
Black Prospector's Hat
Civil War Era Dress
Civil War Era Suit
Civil War Era Top Hat
Clean Monocle
Confederate Hat
Confederate Uniform
Cowboy Hat
Cowhide Western Outfit
Dirty Postman Hat
Felt Antler Headband
Fez Hat
Flapper Headband
Flapper Headwrap
Flapper Tiara
Grognak Costume
Modern Bonnet
Mr. Claus' Beard
Mr. Claus' Hat
Mrs. Claus' Bonnet
Orange Shirt Western Outfit
Pillbox Hat
Pirate Hat
Pompadour Wig
Prospector's Hat
Silver Fedora
Starlet Sniper Hat
Straw Hat
The Inspector Hat
Union Hat
Union Uniform
Western Duster
Wildman Rags
Worn American Patriot Hat

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