Fallout Search

Daily Challenges: Tue, Feb 19

Collect a Magazine10
Complete an Event10
Kill a Stingwing10
Level up!10
Pick Rhododendron Flowers (0/5)10

Weekly Challenges: Tue, Feb 19

Claim the Workshop: Gorge Junkyard30
Gather Building Supplies (0/5)40
Kill Moleminers while wearing a Mining Helmet and wielding a Pickaxe (0/10)20
Kill a Huge Creature20
Take a Photo with Grahm the Wandering Merchant30

Weekly Nuke Launch Codes: Mon, Feb 18

Alpha 71349435
Bravo 66040152
Charlie 00267617

Weekly Theme

Atomic Shop - Latest Items (Updated Tue, Feb 19)

Mothman Statue - 700 Atoms
Mothman Billboards - 500 Atoms
Mothman Poster - 200 Atoms
Mothman Cap - 400 Atoms
Mothman Bed - 500 Atoms
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